Big Crush Slush Company

Everyone's had one.

All Natural  |  Premium Slush

Big Crush Slush Company offers premium frozen slush beverages, which can be layered with fresh herbs or fruit puree. We use only natural ingredients with no additives. Customer experience is important to us; therefore, each beverage is made using quality products and an artisan touch.

  1. Pick your crush:
    Ginger Lime, Lemon Citrus, Arnold Palmer
  2. Pick your mix in:
    Customize your crush with a puree of strawberry, pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, guava, white peach, or coconut. You can also add freshly chopped mint or basil. 

Catering  |  Special Events 

Big Crush travels! Keep us in mind for community, company, and social events, such as parties, weddings, VIP tents, quinceaneras, and employee or client appreciation events. 

Restaurants  |  Bars

Have a restaurant or bar? Kick up your beverage program with Big Crush Slush Company to create fresh and exciting non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages for your customers. Complement your craft beers and specialty drinks with our Arnold Palmer, Lemon Citrus, or Ginger Lime to create endless cocktail options that will keep them coming back!